A classic choice that always looks graceful and refined. 


20 stems per boquet.


Care instructions:

  • Fill the vase two-thirds with fresh, lukewarm water and add your flower food. Top up the water the day after receiving your flowers, rather than changing it completely – this way, they benefit from the food for longer
  • Remove any foliage that will sit below the waterline to avoid build-up of debris. 
  • Trim about 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Change the water regularly after the second day. 
  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight to prolong their life


    PriceFrom AED150.00
    Price Options
    Once a month
    AED150.00every month until canceled
    Twice a month
    Every two weeks
    AED280.00every month until canceled
    Four times a month
    AED500.00every month until canceled